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Packing Tips

Rules Of  Thumb
1.5 Small Box Holds 2 24 shelves of books.
3.1 Med Box Holds 1 shelf of Towels or Sheets (Fits in Most Cars)
4.5 Large Box Holds Pots & Pans Toys top of Closets.
6.1 XLge. Box Holds Lamp Shades Toys & Pillows
Dish Box Holds service for 12 Dishes.  Fine China must be wrapped in Unprinted newspaper (regular newspaper the ink will come off on dishes and be hard to remove).
Cell Kit Even using cell kit dishes must be wrapped in unprinted News or Bubble Wrap
4Pc. Mirror It is about 3 wide 2 or 3 pictures can be put in this box They must be wrapped separately in Bubble Wrap or unprinted News.
Tote Box Has handles on both ends 1 box can usually handle 1 drawer of a file cabinet ( it is like old fashion egg crate) needs no tape. Fits in most cars.
24 or 18 Wardrobes If you are packing short items (shirts pants skirts) Bottom of Wardrobe can be used for pillows blankets or toys.
Patience is a virtue, good dishes figurines  should be wrapped separately in bubble wrap or unprinted news. If it is worth packing it it is worth doing it well.

Always MARK each box you pack with contents and what room it came from.

Pack 1 room at a time you will feel better and get more accomplished.

Use plenty of tape, boxes with the bottoms falling out will not help you.

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